Let’s face it, there are many resources around to learn JavaScript.

This site uses learning JavaScript with more of a story based approach. To talk about why we do things and the process and workflow we use to get them done.

Story helps build an invested audience. Story when talking about more technically related disciplines is a balance between communicating supporting facts, the how-to, the why we do something a specific way, the workflow used to make it work, and why all these things matter.

The ideas here use JavaScript as the primary example, but they can be applied anywhere. Shouldn’t your library or API have a story, a compelling story that builds your audience and enables them to be advocates for your product?

HoorayArray.com is a blog by Cody Tolmasoff.

Cody has been programming with web-based technologies since 1998, and working as a part-time teacher since 2000 in corporate training, community college, and in supporting roles for various companies.

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