Hi, I’m Cody, and I have a passion for sharing helpful information!

In my previous full-time position, I worked as a Senior Creative Technologist for an ad-serving platform company. There, I lead a team creating screen-share videos, training sessions, developed working project prototypes, helped troubleshoot live issues, and created documentation and supporting materials to serve top-tier corporate clients faster.

I’ve spent my career programming front-end web-based technologies, creating games (on iOS, Android, Leapfrog Leapster, and the web), developing contests and client apps on Facebook, and creating interactive museum tours. Things have changed a lot since 1998. I spent most of my time focused on programming ActionScript for Flash-based projects, using other scripting languages and other supporting libraries along the way. I’m familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other popular libraries.

I understand mentioning ActionScript and Flash can feel somewhat dated, but I applied many computer science methods to my work. I wrote clean, well-organized code, used classes and design patterns (most often either MVC or singleton), public and private methods, getter and setter functions, used versioning tools like Subversion or Git, and strove to document and teach others along the way.

Early in my career, I found the best way to thrive in this ever-changing environment was to find opportunities to teach others. My first professional job (while I was completing my degree) was teaching at a corporate training school in downtown San Francisco. I quickly learned how to digest new material and share it with others for day-long classes in a variety of subjects.

Soon after I graduated, I took a part-time instructor position with the Digital Media program at the College of San Mateo where I taught programming to designers for 12 years. Understanding how programming works allows designers to create thoughtful interfaces for projects. From High School students to grandmothers, I’ve been successful at teaching a wide range of people, finding examples that suit their needs.

Knowing how to use technology is simple enough. Being able to teach it to others is the path to true knowledge.

Working professionally as a developer, I often had to work with older projects using previous versions of languages and libraries. Teaching allowed me to stay current with my skills and creating lessons gave me a detailed understanding of what I was teaching.

Having spent much of my career in production environments, I have grown more into teaching and sharing information as my primary passion. I thrive at creating examples that leave people feeling empowered by what they are learning. I obsess over the user experience and want to share good functional code examples that leave people feeling satisfied.