Documentation is your first sales tool

Is your Hello World example easy enough for anyone to try?

Do you offer specific code samples that get new users set up quickly?

Are your code snippets well commented?

Do your technical articles stay on topic? Are they quick to digest?

Do your users contact support too often for simple requests?

Is your documentation well organized and easy to navigate?

Take the burden off your support staff and leave your audience feeling empowered to use your products.

Solid documentation, code snippets, functional examples, and easy to follow tutorials are the key to fostering loyal fans for your product.

Let’s have a conversation to see if there is a better path.

Key Questions To Consider

Are you thinking about outsourcing your documentation?

Is your documentation an afterthought, or is it a primary part of your marketing experience?

A key metric I used when budgeting my time for developing lectures at college was for every hour of lecture, I would start with 4-6 hours to prepare notes and a lab to go along with that lesson. Add on another 2-4 hours of review with client feedback for documentation purposes.

Are you ready to review, re-review, and review your documentation again and again?

How much time and thought has your team spent on your help files?

Wouldn’t you rather your team spent their time developing new features?

Are you overwhelmed with the same support request being made over and over?

Good documentation can ease your burden. Your first line of response should be pointing to easy to find resources, then following up with your client after they’ve reviewed it. If your user is reaching out for help, it must frustrate them not finding helpful information elsewhere first.

Do you have a series of short, helpful video tutorials?

Sharing visual walkthroughs in short well-organized segments is a key aspect of helpful documentation. You want a series of concise videos so your audience can navigate the skill demonstrations quickly.

Does your documentation convert prospective browsers into paying clients?

If your answer is no, then it’s time to reassess.

Services & Rates


Specializing in

  • Engaging documentation
  • Digestible screen shares
  • Adding content to your help and support libraries
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Articles that spark prospective customer interests
  • E-mail sequences
  • Social media posts

Let’s make your customers, your biggest fans!

I combine 20-years experience programming, teaching, lecturing, writing documentation, leading teams, providing technical support, and creating reusable training sessions to make users feel ready to tackle their next project.

Every piece of content I produce is thoroughly researched. I review it countless times to make it fit best for your needs, and your customer.

Creating plenty of freely available content for your customer base is your best long-term marketing strategy. Content marketing is a terrific long-term SEO strategy.

Provide the expertise your customers need over the long haul.


Initial Consultation – Free.
Let’s gather information and set expectations to create a manageable quote to get started.

Prices starting from:

The following prices are to give you a general idea for costs of your project.
Once we confirm scope of work, I’ll get you a detailed estimate for your project.

Technical Documentation: $75 / hour

Tutorials (video & supporting material): $600 for up to an hour of instruction

Articles: $300

Copywriting: $75 / hour

Mailing List Sequences: $150 per email

Social Media Sequences: $150